What is growth capital?

BGF is an investment company that provides growth capital for ambitious entrepreneurs running growing UK companies. At its simplest, the growth capital we provide is long-term, patient equity funding that businesses use to execute their strategic plans.

What we do

  • We are looking for management teams with a good track record, a proven business model and a desire to grow
  • We make initial investments usually between £2m–£10m for a minority equity stake and a board seat
  • We back both privately owned and AIM-listed, profitable companies typically with a turnover of £5m–£100m
  • We invest from our own balance sheet so have the flexibility to meet your needs, and we can also provide further funding as the company continues to grow
  • We offer long-term funding of up to 10 years, developing a meaningful partnership based on shared goals and objectives from the outset
  • We invest in all business sectors with the exception of regulated financial services
  • We have a strong local approach. With eight offices across the UK we strive to be close and relevant to the businesses we invest in


  • We provide early feedback and make practical suggestions for alternative options if we cannot invest ourselves
  • We undertake due diligence on all investments, but we make this streamlined and cost effective by being very focused

  • We can structure our investments in ordinary shares, loan stock, preference shares or a combination, and we will consider a small element of cash-out from our investment for existing shareholders
  • Typically a three-month process: 4–6 weeks to understand your business and funding needs, 4–6 weeks to complete our investment

How companies use our funding


Would you like to acquire part of your supply–chain or even a competitor?


Growth capital can fund a site roll-out for a growing restaurant or retail group.

  • Find out more about using growth capital to fund a site roll-out.


Likewise, the new money could be used for product development, for purchasing significant new capital assets, or for building the sales and marketing infrastructure.